Virtual New Mexico Project

This  research project was conducted with the goal of developing a digital archive using interactive media and open source applications to generate a multi-faceted public community database for the state of  New Mexico.   This research documents the architectural and culture of  historic communities around the state of New Mexico.

The data model is a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort that re-examines the boundaries of traditional architectural research and moves towards a working model incorporating a faculty- student team whose expertise lie in a variety of disciplines. Areas of expertise include landscape architecture, historical preservation, architecture, community and regional planning, economics and demographics, informatics and digital visualization.

This demonstration project evolved into a multi-media data repository intended to both empower and enable the community to take control of their future by engaging in conversations with local and global communities.

Virtual New Mexico Project

Paper Presented at the Architectural Research Centers Consortium. (ARCC)  

Cultural Cartographic Archive- empowering communities through architectural Technology_FINAL2