The hex•dex are a pneumatically actuated platform that was developed to engage in full body interactive immersive environments.  The goal of this research was to create a virtual multi-projector power wall that allow for haptic feedback through a series of robotic interactive responsive platforms.

The team consisting of faculty and students from computer science, digital media and architecture, designed and fabricated an interactive environment that utilized off the shelf digital projection systems and Wii interactive gyroscopic hardware.

The hex•dex are part of a system focused on minimalistic development tools and calibration techniques to create immersive experiences from elements found “at-hand”.


Joe Kniss  [Assistant Professor, Computer Science]

Tim B. Castillo [Director, ARTS Lab]

David Beining [Associate Director of Immersive Media, ARTS Lab]

Eric Meyer [Undergraduate Architecture]

Ed Reasner [Fabrication]

Hue Walker [Mulitmedia Specialist, ARTS Lab]

Jonathan Strawn [Mulitmedia Specialist, ARTS Lab]

Jeff Bowles [Phd candidate, Computer Science]

Sarah Gonzalez [Undergraduate, Computer Science]

Leigh Esquerra   [Undergraduate, Computer Science]

Connor Peterson

Matthew Dosange

Andrei Buium












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