Central parks would expand under town plan – Silver City Daily Press

Professor Castillo’s research of the Big Ditch Park (in collaboration with Mario Devora, Kurtis McCurdy & Christopher Melton) was featured in the Silver City Daily Press.


#vida de diseño

Vida de Diseño features the design work of Tim B. Castillo. Working in the design field for 25 years, Professor Castillo has practiced in a variety of design fields ranging from architecture, themed environments, branding and immersive digital spaces. His work Is constantly searching for new opportunities that draws from emergent technology and culture. The Vida de Diseño exhibit also features Professor Castillo’s family photography. His family has a passion for travel and has always explored the globe through photography. Dr. Shanti Balkissoon-Castillo, Adelina Castillo, Tiana Castillo and Enrique Castillo shared their photographs as a means of connecting with people and hopefully providing inspiration through their eyes.

George Pearl Hall – Gallery

June 15 – July 15, 2018

Currents New Media 2018

Professor Castillo in collaboration with Katya, Crawford, Alex Webb and John-Mark Collins of StoryLab are exhibit at Currents New Media in Santa Fe.


SALT [installation abstract]

New Mexico is a complicated place to understand, from its long history and unique geography to the incredible diversity of its people. In this place, the environmental, technological and cultural collide, creating an extraordinary narrative of the South West. (Salt) is a hybrid interactive installation that visually describes and connects the dominant and hidden narratives to tell a story of past, present and future New Mexico.

The physical structure will be one of fabricated ‘tension’, to harp on the beautiful, yet frightening, tension in New Mexico. Tension between technology and nature, between land and sky, between military expansion and native lands. The piece will be oriented in a portrait fashion to reach towards the sky – emulating future space exploration, historical space references and the beautiful open skies. The construction of the piece will tell a story of variation, transitioning from open desert (planes) to peaks and valleys (thin members).

The digital content will add (and remove) layers from the physical structure through projection-mapping and contextual information display. Using the visitor’s motion, location and direct interaction with the piece as a portal into the various layers.

SALT is a collaboration between a diverse group of talented artists, architects and software developers focused on creating incredible hybrid digital/physical experiences.

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Conference

Professor Castillo prensented at the CELA conference March 24, 2018 at Virginia Tech.




This paper demonstrates how the use of visualization and social media can produce a new model for community outreach and embark on a new approach to community-engaged design. Utilizing digital film narrative, data visualization and immersive 360º virtual reality, students explored how visualization and design could impact economic development in a rural community in southern New Mexico.


Silver City, New Mexico is a rural community that for the last century has been dependent on mining as the primary economic engine in the region.  This community recently has begun a slow process of developing a new identity and has continued to search for new economic development opportunities.  Recently, creative commerce in the areas of fine arts, culinary arts and music has begun to proliferate the fabric of the region.  In searching for opportunities to further develop the creative commerce, a partnership entitled the Plata Studio was created between several community organizations and the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, Woodbury School of Architecture/San Diego and Western New Mexico University to research and develop proposals for the future of the region.  This paper will further elaborate on how emergent visualization techniques were key factors used in the storytelling and soliciting of funds to promote the programs developed in the Plata Studio.

Emerging Technologies: Their Evolution and Limitations within the Fields of Cultural Landscape Preservation and Interpretation

Professor Castillo (Co-Autuhored with Andriane Zachmanidis) article, Emerging Technologies: Their Evolution and Limitations within the Fields of Cultural Landscape Preservation and Interpretation was recently publishes in , A Century of Design in the Parks: Preserving the Built Environment in National and State Parks.

Link to abstract:



APA-NM— Annual Conference

Professor Castillo presented at the New Mexico Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NM) conference in Silver City,  September 28, 2017.

Finding Rural” Plata Studio: Exploring Creative Commerce with Community

The foundation for the studio was to approach design from research and the dissemination from a different perspective utilizing digital film and social media to promote and interact with the various community organizations. The evolution produced a new model for community outreach that embarked on a new foundation for community engaged design processes

plata book 2017